How to use a pressure pot to make a good coffee?

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

Many friends are questioning whether the coffee made by the pressure pot is not in line with the standard of fine coffee production. Let's share it with the principle of “Gold Cup”. Because the principle of "Golden Cup" making coffee is the official training course of SCAE, it should be regarded as a production principle recognized by the fine coffee industry. In fact, the principle of “Golden Cup” is to make the coffee concentration between 1.15% and 1.4%, and the extraction rate between 18% and 21%, as long as the coffee produced can be within this range (shown on the graph as The more central position of a highly flat rectangle, then the coffee produced in this way is in line with the "Golden Cup" production principle.

The influence concentration and extraction rate can be adjusted by the following parameters:
1. water powder ratio;
2, grinding fineness;
3, water temperature;
4, extraction time and other elements.
Then, Shu Shu used the method of making the pressure pot to give an example of how it was produced according to the "Golden Cup" rule.

First, the ratio of the powder water used in the bean brewing workshop is 1:16. If you like SCAA standard, you can change it to 1:18. This change will reduce the concentration of coffee. That is: if 500 ml of water is injected into the pressure pot, the amount of coffee beans used is 32 grams or 28 grams.

Second, grinding, we grind the coffee beans to very coarse granules, so the choice of grinding degree is because the method of soaking in the pressure pot is longer, if the grinding is fine, it will definitely reduce the time of soaking extraction, otherwise the coffee powder The solid soluble material in the medium will be extracted too much, which we call over-extraction.

Third, the soaking extraction time, the bean uncle coffee baking workshop is recommended for 4 minutes.

Fourth, the water temperature, we use 92 degrees Celsius water.


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