Method of brewing pot

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00
  1. The coffee beans need to be coarsely ground, otherwise the coffee grounds will pass through the filter holes, making the coffee have a turbid taste. And too much powder will lead to excessive extraction and bitter taste. Therefore, a good set of pressure pots, filters are crucial.

  2. The temperature of water is most suitable at around 85-90 °C, and the ratio of water to powder is about 15:1. Lightly roasted coffee beans can be appropriately raised in water temperature, and deep baked can be appropriately lowered.

  3. The process of pressing should be slow, and once pressed, do not press repeatedly. Otherwise, coffee grounds can easily pass through the filter and affect the taste.

  4. Under the same conditions, in general, the longer the extraction time, the more intense the mouthfeel, but it is also prone to bitterness, astringency and odor. For coffee beans of different baking degrees, the extraction time can also be relatively regulated. Deep-baked coffee beans are best for a shorter period of time, which gives a great aroma and sweetness. Lightly roasted coffee beans take longer to extract the acidity and aroma of the coffee beans.

  5. When purchasing the pressure pot, in addition to paying attention to the fineness of the filter, the quality of the pot body is also very important. Poorly used pots may rupture during cleaning and use, and may also affect aesthetics.

    In fact, really wanting to make a good cup of coffee is not an easy task. This involves the quality of the water, the temperature, the type of coffee beans, the thickness of the grinding, as well as the coffeemaker's tactics, and even the mood at the time. And these need a lot of experience and practical operations to master.

So, when you have a good cup of coffee, you will have a grateful mood. From the coffee cherries that have grown in three years, to the journey of China to the miles, to the careful baking of the coffee baker, until we have the patience of grinding, careful brewing, and finally a cup of hot air in front of us. A perfect, strong, fragrant coffee.


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