Unbeatable French filter press

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

If you haven't noticed the French filter press, let's listen to our brief introduction.

The French filter press is also called a coffee pot or a coffee plunger pot, or simply a French pot. Since it was originally used for brewing black tea, it is also known as a tea maker.

French filter presses are perhaps the most underestimated method of cooking all coffee.

Among the many coffee appliances, the pressure cooker is undoubtedly the first choice for simple and convenient extraction. It is precisely because of this that the pressure pot has always been called the best endorsement of lazy coffee. Many coffee friends have said that the pressure pot is the most suitable device to reflect the original flavor of coffee, because it uses the easiest way to extract the most original coffee flavor.

Hundreds of years of rumors have also witnessed the charm of the pressure pot, its biggest feature is easy to operate, multi-purpose pot (making coffee + tea two-in-one), easy to carry, regardless of travel, or in the office is very convenient Useful. It is also very suitable for the coffee lovers who are just getting started. The technical requirements are not high, and you can experience the real coffee flavor. Convenient to go out


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